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Fourth Workshop Nirvana Hotel,  Dead-Sea, 17-18 March, 2006 Sponsored by Zohar's Grants

Participants – and title of talks:

1.      Prof. Zohar Yosibash – Organizer

2.      Dr. Stefan Hartmann – Univ of Kassel, Germany - Guest of the computational mechanics lab.

3.      Dr. Gideon Sahar – Head of thoracic surgery dept, Soroka hospital – New trends in thoracic surgery.

4.      Dr. Arie Bussiba - Collaborator with Zohar.

5.      Mr. Ilan Gilad – In charge of the MCCM. Collaborator with Zohar.

6.      Mrs. Netta Omer - Zohar’s PhD student –On edge stress intensity functions.

7.      Mrs. Michal Peleg-Lubovsky - Zohar’s MSc Alumni.

8.      Mr. Nir Trabelsi  - Zohar’s MSc student – Reliable mechanical FE simulation of the proximal femur.

9.      Mr. Elad Priel - Zohar’s MSc student – Failure laws in V-notched brittle materials.

10.    Ms. Shunit Petachia- Zohar’s MSc student.

11.    Ms. Reut Shavit - The Internal Thoracic Artery and Its subdivisions: Flow, Reactivity, Morphology.

pictures from the workshop

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