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Research Topics

Experimental and FE simulations of human bones.

Application of FE methods for the analysis of bone strength in Clinical Practice

Patient-Specific FE-models constructed from CT-scans and validated by experimental observations.  

Fracture risk laws are sought.

p-FE for biomechanics of arteries:

Incorporating hyperelastic constitutive models, active response, blood-wall interaction.


Incorporating hyperelastic constitutive models (passive and active response) of human arteries in the framework of p-FEMs.

Performing experiments on human arteries in active state.

The following pictures show our experimental equipment and a high-order FE analysis including active response.

Generalized fracture mechanics.

Numerical, analytical and experimental research on generalized failure

criterion in 3-D mechanical components (funded project ).

Pictures show a 3P bending experiment and the FE of a V-notched specimen.

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