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Second Workshop King Solomon Hotel,  Eilat, 21-22 November, 2003


1.      Prof. Zohar Yosibash – On fluid-structure interactions

2.      Dr. Moti Szanto – Collaborator with Zohar – Simulation of growth of Sapphire single-cristal

3.      Dr. Arie Bussiba – Coolaborator with Zohar – Failure initiation criteria

4.      Mr. Ilan Gilad – Collaborator with Zohar – Simulation of Saphire uni-Cristal

5.      Ms. Netta Omer - Zohar’s PhD student –3-D edge singularities.

6.      Mrs. Michal Peleg-Lubovsky - Zohar’s MSc student – On the mechanical response of the carotid and myocardiac arteries.

7.      Ms. Idit Cohen  - Zohar’s PhD student – On CIP.

8.      Mr. Marcelo Mileguir - Zohar’s MSc student – Cold-working cracked holes.

9.      Mr. Ofer Adan - Zohar’s former MSc student – Applied Materials: on new very accurate measuring machines (part of nm accuracy).

pictures from the workshop

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