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First Workshop King Solomon Hotel,  Eilat, 11-12 January, 2002 Some pictures from the workshop.


1.      Dr. Zohar Yosibash – organizer

2.      Dr. Moti Szanto – Collaborator with Zohar – Simulation of GMAW (welding process)

3.      Mr. Ilan Gilad – Collaborator with Zohar– Simulation of GMAW (welding process).

4.      Mr. Meidad Korengold – Zohar’s Graduate student – Simulation of large strains pressing process.

5.      Ms. Netta Omer - Zohar’s Graduate student – Towards 3-D edge singularities.

6.      Mr. Ofer Adan - Zohar’s Graduate student – Failure initiation in VLSI devices.

pictures from the workshop

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