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Tenth Workshop American Colony, Jerusalem, 26-27 July, 2021 Sponsored by Z. Yosibash Grant

Participants – and title of talks:

1.      Prof. Zohar Yosibash – Organizer

2.      Dr. Amir Sternheim - Collaborator with Zohar

3.      Dr Arie Bussiba - Collaborator with Zohar

4.      Dr Gal Dahan - Zohar's former PhD student – FE simulation of the humerus – summary of PhD thesis.

5.      Dr Yekutiel Katz - Zohar's former PhD student – FE simulation of the femurs– summary of PhD thesis.

6.      Mrs Shani Martinez-Weissberg – Zohar's PhD student – FE simulation of rabbit femurs using microCT scans.

7.      Mr Maxime Levy – Zohar's PhD student – Failure laws for bones.

8.      Ms Leetal Elyahu – Zohar's MSc student – Comparative FEA for femurs affected by multiple myeloma tumors.

9.      Ms Vered Mendelovich  – Zohar's MSc student – Failure laws at V-notch tips in metallic structures.

10.    Mrs. Sahar Byniamin  – Zohar's MSc student – FEA of a Functional Spine Unit.

Photos from the workshop

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